Port Hope Free Presbyterian Church
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Port Hope Free Presbyterian Church is a member church of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America (FPCNA). From its inception, the Free Presbyterian Church has been Protestant in its convictions, Presbyterian in its government, Reformed in its theology, separatist (that is, anti-ecumenical) in its stand, and fervently evangelistic in its outreach. We are Bible-believing Protestants whose Presbyterian roots go back to the great Reformation of the 16th century. As a denomination, we are:
  • Reformed in doctrine
  • Evangelical in outreach
  • Sanctified in behavior
  • Presbyterian in government
  • Protestant in conviction
  • Separatist in practice

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Our Minister

Rev. Reginald Cranston was born in the city of Belfast, N. Ireland, the eldest of a family of four boys. Although his parents did not profess to be Christians, they insisted that he and his three brothers attended Sunday School and church every Lord's Day. Unfortunately it was a church that did not preach the gospel, therefore Reginald was never told of his need of Christ and salvation from sin. Click Here to read more of Rev. Cranston's biography.
Jeremiah 33:3
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